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Bananas Galore

Divide the group into teams of not more that five.  For each activity the teams can get one of the following scores:

  • 1st: 5
  • 2nd: 3
  • 3rd: 1
At the end the team with the highest score wins.

Warm up

  • Give each team a single banana.
  • Get each group to stand in a circle.
  • The objective is to see which team can pass the banana around the circle the most number of times in a predefined time.
  • Start the clock and see who wins.

The unbeknown issue to the teams here is that very quickly the banana becomes mushy and soggy and it is very likely that ultimately no one might win this. 

Activity 1

  • Give each group five bananas and toothpicks
  • Each team now get 10-15 minutes to build a scene or model of their choice.
  • Scores could be awarded for most original, funny, awful etc

Activity 2

  • Simple, which team can eat the post?
This could be a team effort or a team champion could be chosen to represent the team.

Activity 3

Each team gets some needles and thread and sees which team can create the most interesting piece of closing or clothing accessory.

Penultimate activity  

The team champions race to see who can eat a banana the quickest without using their hands.

Finale - Coffee time

All groups are given the same ingredients and then compete in "Top Chef" style to see who can make the best banana desert. 


Except for the warm-up, these could be done using the marshmallows or popcorn etc

For the finale, each team could be given only one ingredient and then barter a portion of it with other teams in order to get all the ingredients that they require.