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Dangerous finger

Here is a great game that I have just learnt. It would fall into the same genre as that of arm wresting; in that it requires a strong arm, good balance and some wrestling ability.

The challenge takes place between two people. With a large group some sort of round-robin knockout would need to be arranged.

The challengers stand facing each other and then hold each others one hand in the same way as they would if they were going to arm-wrestle. The only difference with there grip however is that they each person points their pointing finger out towards the apposing person.  When given the signal, each person must try and touch the other person (anywhere on their body, gripped hands excluded) with their pointing finger. The first challenger to touch the other one, wins. Challengers can mover around however they want to but can not let go of each other.

To make things harder a challenge ring could be designated out of which if a challenger steps, they loose. For large competitions, the challenge ring could be left for the semi-final and final rounds only.