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Candle Tag

The following game needs to be played outside and preferably at night. It has been played successfully with up to four teams.  Divide the group into teams of up to 10 people. Each team is given  the following:

  • some or of marking to identify them e.g. special hat, coloured sash, coloured armband etc.
  • a candle (standard household candles which have been cut in half are ideal).
  • the bottom section of a 2.25l coke bottle which is to be used as a candle holder. The section must not be cut too high i.e. it must not provide any protection to the candle from wind but is used solely to protect the holder form hot wax.

The objective is to blow out all the candles of the opposing teams. There are two ways to determine the winning team:

  1. All the opposing teams' candles are out.
  2. The team with the most candles burning after a set period.


  • If your candle is out you can not move.
  • Candles may be relit by other another candle.
  • Candles may not be lifted above chin height (this is a very important safety requirement).
  • Candles may not be held behind your back (this is a very, very important safety requirement).
  • Youth leaders may randomly blow out anyone's candle that they wish too.