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Loony Olympics

Olympics with a difference.

The group is divided into teams. Each team then decides on a name for themselves.

For each even, everyone competes with their score going to that of their team's. 1st Place gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3 and third gets 1.

Events (Each person get three goes; using the correct techniques):

  • Javelin: Use three straws to make a javelin and see who can through it the furthest.
  • Shot-put: Throw a balloon. 
  • Discus: Throw paper plates.
  • Bisley shooting: Set up a large box with a number of different sized holes in the side of it. The small the hole, the greater score that it carries. Use a straw to create a pea-shooter which is used to shoot paper peas through the hole of choice.
  • Relay: A relay through an obstacle course, using an egg as the batten. 

To speed things up, more than one person can have a go at a time.

With some more thought I am sure that you could come up with more events.