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Motor Rally

This activity requires a number of drivers. The drivers don't do any of the work (and are not allowed to offer their insights); their only job is to drive to the location that they are told to.

Decide on between 4 and 6 different locations and the work out a criss-cross route between these (as in the diagram below).


The idea is to see which team can complete the route first by following a series of cryptic clues.

To start each team is given the clue for a different starting point (in this way no team can simply follow another one). Once they arrive at their destination they will collect the clue to their next destination. When they arrive back at their starting position it means that they have completed the route and they can return back to the group's meeting location.

The group leaders need to set up the route before the evening begins, leaving a set of clues at each location earlier on. 

The most important rules here are:

  • The speed limit may not be broken
  • Teams are not to hide any clue sets from the other teams or take them all with them when they leave.

A) North head: Defending us from Japan (clue hidden at C)
B) One Tree hill: A hill that needs no arborist (clue hidden at A)
C) Rosmini College: Charity fulfills the law ( clue hidden at  D)
D) 209 Manuka Rd:  Not in Switzerland but yet they are named after it's capital (clue hidden at B)