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Radio Plays

Divide the group into teams of not more than five members each. 

Give each team a tape-recorder/dicta-phone/MP3 recorder and a nominated Bible event (Old Testament events work best). They then have an hour to go and turn their event into a radio play. The fun is in the special sound effects and different voices. 

The radio plays should not be much longer than five minutes.

Time permitting the teams can get back together afterwards to play their shows for the entire group. If this will take too long then they can be uploaded to a website.

Some tried and tested options:

  • Noah and the ark
  • Samson
  • Daniel in the Lions' den
  • Shadrick, Meshack and Abednego
  • Paul and Silas in prison
  • Peter, John and the lame man
  • Jesus heals the man let in through the roof
  • David and Goliath