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Bible Quiz Night

The title says it all.

Divide into teams of four which then challenge each other in a round-robin style until you arrive at a winning team.

Each quiz round consists of the following:

  • Four free-for-all questions
  • Four team questions
  • Two individual questions each.

The free-for-all questions are asked first. During this phase, the first person to jump up get to answer the question. If a person jumps up in the middle of a question, they need to complete the question before answering it. If they complete it incorrectly then they forfeit the opportunity to answer and the quiz master then completes the question correctly and gives the opposite team's matching number a chance to answer the question.

For the team questions, each team can discuss the answer. If the answer incorrectly, the opposite team gets a chance to answer.

Individual questions are just that. No discussion is allowed. If the team member gets it wrong then their matching number on the other team gets a chance to answer.