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Crowd breaker: Tied Up

Option 1

Divide into pairs and give each person a 50cm piece of string. 

Let each pair tie themselves up as illustrated in steps 1-3 of the following attachment (Handcuffs). The challenge is to see which pair can separate themselves first. 

The answer can be found in the attached document.

Option 2

Divide the group into teams of between 10 to 15 people.

Arrange group members in a circle, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Tell everyone to put their right hand up in the air, and then grab the hand of someone across the circle from them.

Everyone then puts their left hand up in the air and grabs the hand of a different person.

Check to make sure that everyone is holding the hands of two different people and that they are not holding hands with someone directly next to them.

Tell group members to untangle themselves to make a circle without breaking the chain of hands.

If group members break the chain they need to start over.